Original messages, congratulations on the arrival of a grandchild

The arrival of a baby creates happiness among family members. Parents of newborns are congratulated by friends and relatives.

“A new family member has arrived and with it the feeling of doing the impossible to be happy. Grandchildren are a reason to be happy ”

“The most beautiful gift you could give your children is the arrival of his grandson, and ed├║quenlo love him to be a good person”

“Grandchildren are the blood of his blood, love them more than they love their children”“Congratulations on that life has given them an angel else in your family”

“A grandson in their lives is the perfect match for you”

“The love we felt for this new being is unbelievable. Let this be the beginning of a period of happiness for her grandson and you ”

“The life with your children was beautiful now with the arrival of your grandson will be even more”

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