Mother’s Day Messages – Happy Mothers Day 2011

Mother’s Day Messages – Happy Mothers Day¬†2011

Never in life will find tenderness better, deeper, more selfless or true than your mother.

Provided the world can doubt the woman, but is no longer possible to doubt more watching the mother.

God, born of us, we gave birth a mother’s heart.

The heart of the mother is the only capital of feeling that never breaks, and which can always count on and at all times safely.

The most beautiful word on the lips of a person is the word mother, and the sweetest call: my mother.

We have a single mom, a mom, a mother in this world, a life. Do not wait until tomorrow to tell her you love her.

The heart of a mother is the most beautiful place for a child and just can not lose even if it takes longer gray. In the entire space of the universe just a heart like this.

There is no perfect mother, but there are a million ways to be a good mother.

I love you so much my dear mother, that my love will never measure. When I smile and when you kiss me, all, all the soul that is full.

No masterpiece no artist can match the creation of a child by a mother echo. Success is measured not only by what we are, but also for the gift you give, and the gift of a mother is a person!

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