Mother’s Day Messages – 8 March 2011

Men! Whenever lack least for the International Women’s Day which is March 8, in this special day, no woman in the world may run out of your gift, that gift that will symbolize how much he is loved, how much it need and what makes us happy.

In every moment of my life is a woman who holds my hand in the darkness of a reality that women know better than men and which are oriented more with less lights.

A woman is like a pot surface huge, take up much space but inside is empty … and no one will fill.

The problem, when searching for the perfect woman is that she probablememte are looking for the perfect man.

When a woman suffers in silence is because your phone does not work.

The strength of a woman is not always proof of his virtue, but often their experience.

If I were a woman would be desperate. The existence of good women far exceeds that of men who deserve them.


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