Messages to regain the friendship of a friend?

Then we will leave some messages that can be shared with that friend who makes them much needed. Be sent in a text message, an email, or facebook, and so regain their friendship.

There’s something I want to ask you for some time: Why did you leave me? Not sure how I regret not having asked this question before, maybe my pride would not let me. But I miss a lot of talk, laugh and mourn with you. Therefore, I ask you: Would you like to go back to being my best friend?

I’m sorry I offended you friend. I did not mean any of those horrible words. She was sad and angry at myself, and I downloaded it with you. Now you feel so far from me, do not know how I regret not having asked for forgiveness. Hopefully not too late and still forgive you because you’re making me really need. Also, I’m sure I’ll never find a friend as great as you. I love you.

I wonder if you still remember the good friends we were until a while ago. For a long time I thought about what happened to us. How we became two strangers? I wonder if I did something wrong. Tell me what to do to get back to being the old friends, because I miss you too.

Several days ago we did not talk. I have spent so much and I have share it with. Hopefully soon forgive me for having failed. You are someone important to me and I will not forget it. I would really like everything to be as before. I’ll be waiting. When you need someone remembers that you have me.

I want you to know that I could not find a friend with whom I feel as well as it did with you. I know it’s been months without seeing each other or talk, but I hope I have replaced and soon we meet again and do everything together. I miss you and want so much to tell you all this in person.

I apologize for giving me away from you. I am very sorry Habert failed. I was not with you when you needed me most. I locked myself in my bubble of love and made you aside. Today more than ever I feel so bad because I feel lonely. He left me and I realized I had nowhere to go, because I left myself, myself I gave you. I wish to forgive me and accept me back into your life. I miss you more than ever.

Today I met with several memories ours. I found some photos and letters ours. I could not help but smile when reading the crazy things we did, but could not avoid surprising both those days. I hope you are well and be extremely happy. Long ago I have not heard from you, and I sincerely hope to meet you again. I hope you write me soon. Love, your friend forever.

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