Love Sms Text Messages

This is a special edition ¬†all lovers, boyfriends, is a special ocasion to remember the loved one that day .. at least make her feel how important it is for us, sending a short message of love, like these …

Love messages to send to your friends, lovers / as, boy / girlfriend:

He who seeks perfect relationships FRIENDS runs out so I ask that, despite all my faults which are many will stay with me forever.

Hare that I will never forget and that my name in your recollection is, and if it is true that love die over time, makes the wait time. I love you for you my king.

Sometimes we hug and kiss that special someone but can not …… we can only send one message to summarize in words what I feel every day. T.Q.M

It may not be the richest person in the world but, by your side I feel the luckiest.

You’re like a star, so beautiful to admire and to touch so far.

When you look at the stars remember me, because in each there is a kiss for you.

The hard part is not the first kiss, but the last.

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