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I want you to be the last wave of my Mediterranean.

I love you and I can only love you, I forget but you live in my mind, but I do not hear you scream in my heart. want to walk away but you are in me.

Keep me handbag to go in your arm.

I want to be an ant and crawl up your balcony to say in his ear, handsome, nice and chocolate.

I want to fly without wings and get out of this universe into yours and love you in silence.

I would like to be born again to never miss one of your dawn.

I would be Chupaflor to extract all the nectar that is inside you.

I would like to be melt butter on your corn bread.

I would like to be a butterfly to fly to you and tell you, beautiful life, I’m dying for you.

I would be bird with legs of cotton posarme on your chest and steal your heart …

I would be a chess board to be a queen like you.

If this is hell, the devil take me!

If every time you think about a star go out, there would be a star in the sky to shine.

If his eyes could say what you feel because you were my boyfriend that I feel is strong.

If beauty were a sin you’d already be in hell.

If you have natural beauty personified representation, I have no doubt that I am against it.

If beauty pay taxes, you’d be full of stamps.

If my love for you out music, you’d be the most beautiful lyrics of my songs.

If your lips were so plump my food, my body would widen them.

If I had to be an object, would be a box to take you in, chocolate …

If I were an airplane and you are my airport would land every day in your exquisite body.

I would be … to melt ice in your mouth.

I would like to be contact lens, so that you could not get me your eyes …

I would like to be your shadow to be all day with you.

I like you so much, that I actually like being a prisoner, in the networks of your charm.

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