How to Survive Your Freshman Year in High School

The secondary is a big change. Know guys with big ambitions and scholars. Make friends that can last a lifetime. It’s like a new beginning. The school can be an unforgettable experience. Many children drop out because they are difficult to adapt. If you want to know how to survive your freshman year, here are some steps.

1. It generates a good impression on your professors. They’re the ones who would give you recommendations for college, so Get situated on the good side being willing, scholar and staying out of trouble.

2.Talk to everyone, including kids shy and unpopular. Become familiar and confortable to people. Do not be cocky because people reject you. Behave maturely, put your feet on the ground and the chance that all you want are endless.

3.Find a group of people to spend time with them. Need friends or at least people with whom you can have lunch or talk when you feel alone. Looking for guys who share your same personality and interests and not give in to pressure.

The secondary is different and the curriculum is a bit more stringent than the middle school. You will have more assignments and tests. If you leave things for later, you slow down and regret it. Trying to meet your obligations as they arise. Some kids spend their free time doing homework in school so they can relax when they get home.

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