Hot Tips: How to Color Easter Eggs

There are several ways to make Easter eggs at home, but here we bring you the recipe for Easter eggs simple and easier.

A good idea to anticipate the time of Easter, and stay entertained in a family with a theme related, is to color painted eggs. This activity is very simple, requires little preparation, and especially to keep busy and fun at the smallest.

To do this activity, we need common hen eggs, paint brushes, watercolor paints, latex, tempera or watercolor paints, paper napkins, a syringe, a thin sharp element and many desire to have fun. Depending on your preference, we also use little painter and aprons, latex gloves, and individual cloths or paper to protect the furniture to go to work.

While you can use hard boiled eggs, it is best to use empty shells.
We began by emptying and cleaning of chicken eggs. The will wash with water and detergent to remove dirt and impurities, and then the gaps. To do this we have several techniques, but these are the two most practical. The first is to make a small hole at each end, so that by blowing one of them, go out the other content.

The second technique is to make only a hole in the bottom of the egg, which will introduce a syringe with which we will be inserting air into the interior. With this, we will push the egg contents to the outside. Remember retrieve the content, it can be used for meals and desserts without wasting anything.

We will continue with the task of creating colored eggs for Easter. The next step is to finish cleaning the eggs, using the syringe to pass hot water with few drops of bleach to clean the inside of each shell to prevent diseases. Then rinse with hot water, the same technique. We let it dry for one or two days.

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