Hot Text Messages to Send Your Boyfriend

Be sexy in messages. For wanting to remind you when you’re not with him, use every means that offers technology … calls, text messages or emails, no matter how otherwise the result is even more exciting torrid moments about the situation. Not be easy for Master contain her excitement at a meeting with the boss or clients.

Now there are 35,000 people making love, who have finished 17000, 8000 are running and one is reading this sms. What are you waiting for call me?

Scientific studies have shown that those with a low level in the sexual act, read the messages on the phone with the right hand.

Need sex? Press 1 for French, 2 for 69, 3 for sex in trio, and a complete press my number.

I still remember the lines drawn when I left in the bow that is drawn on the distance between your knees.

Happiness is located exactly in the lower corner of your sex triangle.

If your right leg out Friday and Sunday left leg q fun you would spend. Saturday

If tonight you can not sleep, do not count stars, count me in.

You must be tired today after all we did in my dream last night.

If you read this message, is that I want, if you answer, you love me, if you call me is you want to fuck with me and if you delete this, I want.

How sad to lose a friend, so sad to lose a love, but sad to lose your shirt without wearing a bra.

Chico busca chica hot very hot to burn together with flames.

If you look in the mirror and you see 4 eggs, you’re just a man, or coolest, but you are giving ass.

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