Hot Love Messages

Hot Love Messages

We are two lovers in search of a heart, but are two illusions that go to perdition.

I’ll give you all the love in the world, I’m going to love every second. I will love every moment, because there is nothing more beautiful than love.

In heaven there are two stars to be together, they are your body and mine that they will enjoy.

He walked alone and sad without knowing it is to love, until I saw you staring and I fell in love without thinking.

At the school of love you took my hand, and the first class stole my heart.

I love you and I say soft, I love you and nobody knows.

It’s easy to say “hello”, it is easy to say “goodbye”, but it is not easy to say “I love you ” and hear “I do not. “

Love hurts but it hurts more not being able to tell you for fear that I reject.

The nicest thing that ever happened to me in life is you! The only thing I have in life is you! I love you very much and I love you even more! Thanks to exist and make me happy every second of my life.

You’re not, and do not know how to forget, because I miss you and po miss you I think of you, and the more I think I like, and the more I like the more I love.

Love who loves you, not who you excited.

I do not know if you do not know if I love you just know that nesesito you by my side.

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