Happy Birthday SmS, Birthday Phrases to send to your Friends, Lovers, Boyfriends / Girlfriends

Birthdays, is a special occasion to remember the loved one, friend’s friend, the family… at least this day make you feel how important it is for us, sending a short message love.

Remember that life is beautiful, and no matter how many accomplish the thing that really matters is the love and enthusiasm that you put this date as especial. Happy Birthday!

Your friendship is so important for me that I do wish to share with you a thousand years … Happy Birthday!

Today we celebrate you’re a year older … but do not worry you’re much better. “Happy Birthday.”

Wishing that over the years keep intact the illusion and hope that today feel about the vida. Happy Birthday!

For the mother and wife who daily endeavors to keep together and fill our hearts with love, joy and happiness.

I have my mother a heart of gold in your smile the best memory in your arms my happiness. Happy birthday!

Is your birthday on this day is a great pleasure to congratulate you and wish you all happiness and many years of life filled with happiness. I wish your friend who is always there for whatever you need. Happy Birthday!

I would love in the distance with such intensity that you will notice my presence in your piel. Happy  Birthday!

May the joy of this day, is the constant expression of your vida. Happy Birthday!

Today is very special to show yourself a wish that your life will be rewarded with great happiness and your birthday be wonderful.

Today is exceptional. The sun radiates joy. Today and every day wake up and my first thought is to you .. Happy Birthday!

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