Good Night Sms Messages 2011

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Good night my love .. well tonight, before adormentarme pensare to you, because you are beautiful and how I love you .. .. it will be a special night because we will be together in our dreams, full of love and tenderness.

My love this is for desarte sms good night, hope may sound more beautiful than you, but it will be difficult because you’re wonderful, golden dreams of my love.

Good night little piece of the moon to have left an imprint on my corazňn in love with you and you do not ever forget.

Good night .. these two words remind me of your tenderness, your sense of protection and all the love you have for me, I love you even more!

Before sleep opens the window and sent a kiss to the wind .. Pick it up for you, good night my love.

The silence of the night accompany your precious dream and that the dawn will bring you much happiness. Loves you honey.

If thought could overcome the distance, would be next to you giving you a nice hug and a sweet kiss goodnight. To rest my princess.

How good it is dreaming! When you know that when you wake up with a start again. Good night love.

I long ago to dream coming tomorrow where you can pet.

Goodnight sure if sleep will always accompany me!

Recalling your hands, your eyes, your lips about to kiss … I can not imagine how best to dream.  Goodnight my love!

I go to sleep and so I can dream that will not be long distance and never wake up I can remember how beautiful it is able to love. Good night!

I like watching the stars because I know you look like you are stroking me when I start falling asleep to dream. Rest heaven!

I have envy of the sun because it gives its heat, but the stars make me jealous with your eyes that you get to kiss.

Quick go to sleep to dream, and soon the sun wake me up beside you. Good evening to you both!

The night before sleep, watch the most luminous star that is I asked her to say good night.

Goodnight Sweetheart, that even when you sleep you’re not ever alone, for I am always with you, I love you golden dreams of my life!

Good evening to all those who know that something is ringing, and that the dream can make all your wishes.

My love I wish you good night, will protect your dreams as an angel, and as such will hold you with my wings, so I’ll give you all the warmth of my love.

This message will touch control and a super sweet hug to wish me sweet dreams with you, I love you to infinity.

Goodnight treasure of my life, remembering your hands, your eyes, your lips about to kiss? I can not imagine how best to sound.

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