Good Night Princess – Original Sms

Those who have a special woman on our side, which may be our girlfriend, fiancee or wife, we try to spend a few minutes of our time to send you good night, and so show how important it is for us. These messages can be expressed through a text message, email or phone call.

My life, I love you and I seek in my dreams to feel again the warmth of your skin, laugh at the silly things we said when we were angry about anything, to end up together as best as possible. Dream with me all night. Until tomorrow my beautiful beloved.

If one day you wake up and see that I’m not with you, because you’ll be making breakfast, my dear one. See you tomorrow princess.At night I feel cold and sometimes do not even smile, all because they no longer sleep at my side, because you are the owner of my soul and the girl I want to share my bed. Sleep well my love.

I see you but I miss you, I do not care if the moon is shining, because without you the night lost its charm. Every day I want you in my arms. I love you with all my heart. Good night my precious.

Only I can know what look you’re thinking, only with a smile and I shall be brighten my dark night, making my dreams you can enter. May you rest well and can wake a little more loving. See you tomorrow princess.

Another night I have not slept with you, this long trip is torture, because you are not to warm my bed. It’s another night without the inspiration that I have to start counting down the days to see you again. Goodnight my precious beloved distance.

Good night princess again have left my soul sighs, and even the moon will be waiting. Another day you made me very happy and I can not wait to seeing you again. Until tomorrow.

Good night princess to look into your eyes I give you my love, I have left my soul to my heart. They sleep and rest well. Until tomorrow my love.

My beautiful princess, get lost in your beautiful dream, full of games and beautiful smiles. Rest my beautiful girlfriend and not fear for anything because I’ll be by your side to take care. Until tomorrow my love.

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