Good Morning Love Sms for the One You Love

Good Morning Love Sms for the One You Love

- “Good morning my love, wake up please that my life is not complete if you are not”

- “The mornings are most beautiful when I see you wake up”

- “It’s time to wake up for your love to enlighten my soul”

- “I am happy when I see you, to be awake”

- “Every morning I wish our love last forever”

- “The sky is blue and your soul too, let my love awakes from a time”

- “I just need to be happy to see you awake and start my day with joy and hope”

- “When I hear your voice tell me good morning I can feel it all”

- “There is nothing nicer than to see you awake and watch her face lit by the sun”

- “Green I love sleeping but I like to see you awake, good morning my love”

- “The morning air and the smell of your skin makes you wake up happy to have you”

- “Tell you good morning is as beautiful as seeing an angel or touch the sky”

- “When I wake up and see you next to me I feel I am the luckiest in the world”

- “If the day dawns cloudy ilumin├írmelo there you are for”

- “If you could have one wish, it would wake up every morning you as happy as you make me me, wake up and Princess”

- “I can not start my day if I look into your eyes and say good morning”

- “This little message is for the owner of my heart is still sleeping but woke up and my heart, no one like you to brighten my day”

- “Today I went to your room and saw you deep rest, gather my hands and asked to heaven to wake up slowly, to go with you and give you a kiss on the forehead”

- “I wake up every morning before you do, so when you get up to be me who will say good morning”

- “Satisfying look into your eyes each morning I would not trade for anything in this world, good morning to hear you say is what my spirit rejoices at the beginning of the day”

- “When I got up I think you and my heart is happy”

- “I think my life is perfect because every morning I wake up with a kiss”

- “The day starts and everything I do good I have to say good morning my love”

- We hope these good morning SMS like you’ve been nice. Every day is a gift, and even if we have someone to love.

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