Flirt for the summer: Tell us your experiences!

It’s already the end of the holidays for some, but for many other, the time is still in the sea and sand.

Due to the holiday atmosphere, where the stress is gone, the dating and flirting are more easily. Much of you is on vacation, often in a campground, a resort or a colo.

It is in these places are born famous flirt of the summer. On the dance floor when camping or hiking in the colonial horse.

It’s summer flirtation, they are short love, which often last the entire time. And as Temos is limited stages of dredging are often shortened and one can easily get a couple.

In addition we know that we have nothing to lose, and spend the holidays with an average guy or girl, it’s better than one. We can share more!

We know that some make it a ritual. Especially for guys. Once they arrive at the campsite or in colorectal, they have one thing in mind: to find a girl for the week vacation, but do not put too much feelings. It’s hard to avoid breaking the end of the stay in each returned to his region.

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