Farewell Phrases – Goodbye Sms

Farewell Phrases –¬†Goodbye Sms

You say you do not feel the farewell?Ouch! Say who told you to say goodbye.

How to grab onto my love fight!, Especially if it’s hard having to get away, my words should not hurt you if you can not heal my kisses!

Not infrequently I said goodbye, I know the heartbreaking farewell hours.

To know the love you have to first know the heartbreak.

Maybe you say one day that I stopped loving you, while still loving you beyond death, and perhaps do not understand in this farewell, that while love unites us, separates us from life.

And yet, love, through tears, I knew the end was to stay naked on the banks of laughter.

And since these are my last words I leave, I leave my love behind.

Every time I say goodbye to you I’m dying inside. And every time I meet you, I feel I’m in heaven.

Only in the agony of parting we can understand the depth of our love.

If we were able to know when and where we will meet again, our departure would be more tender.

Perhaps the only thing that hurts more than saying goodbye is not having had the opportunity to having fired you.

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