Facebook Love Messages

Facebook love messages to be sent to your friends, lovers / as, boy / girlfriend:

I have no means to get to heaven, but I have enough words to say I Love You.

We have spent so many experiences together that I’ve fallen. When we were little I used to play around and when we grew we learned together to kiss.

The best thing is knowing I can sleep in my dreams and find the best get up is I know you’re not alone in them, but that really exist.

I offer my heart as a present, do with it what you like, break it, throw it away, kick but be careful because you live in and do not want you hurt. I give all my love.

Never say never or forever, never say things that your heart does not feel.

The sky without stars would be if every time I remember one was extinguished.

Show affection to someone until it hurts. If this happens, it’s a good omen.

Love has no precise meaning and that this clarification will put limits and love does not.

If you add up all the water on the planet plus the millions of tons of earth and multiply it by the existing air and the infinite sums will only get 0.01% of the ones I feel for you. I love you.

Only able to forget when seawater evaporates, when the clouds of heaven and water appears to vanish in the desert. I love you.
When I’m with you, I spend hours and seconds.

The honey is impossible to hide because it is like life, can not be ignored.

Your love light, your tenderness and your kisses thrill me I’m crazy.

Your kisses make me lose my mind, your love fills me with inspiration and your tenderness makes me shudder.
Choose to be alone for a minute with you to immortality without your love.

Need not offer me the moon, you have it on me sitting next to me is enough.

The flower is not found to have blossomed in the meadow, and I have no fault to love so much.

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