Easter Vacation – Romantic Holiday Destinations

If we assume to be real religious cynicism of a country like Spain, said a Catholic but is unable to carry conviction to the most insignificant precepts of their faith, we can say that Easter is like any other holiday period, albeit With higher prices.

Easter Vacation

Last Minute, as expected, binds to the hysteria of the package tours and places the hand of single, separated, unmarried couples, honeymooners and all those wishing to go on vacation during Easter holidays, some interesting offers.

A flight to London to spend there the days of Easter holidays, hotel 3 stars included, can be found from 336 euros. Affordable for any couple.

Paris is one of the cities most visited by people celebrating their honeymoon and ordinary tourists. The air ticket plus a stay in a 3 star hotel during the Easter holidays, can be found from 227 euros.

If what you want is to find a bargain to spend Easter vacation in Prague, Last Minute has a portfolio that includes flight and hotel from 303 euros 3 stars.

Finally, spend Holy Week in Rome can cost from 282 euros, including hotel and airplane. Very convenient if traveling as a couple.

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