Easter Sms Text Messages – Easter Wishes for Family and Friends

Easter Sms Text Messages – Easter Wishes for Family and Friends

Easter is a sacred time for meditation, inner peace, a moment to himself in the pursuit of positive energy of love for distribution to others, without distinction, not only listening, but giving them peace as best I can.

There is joy in our hearts. Our Lord has risen on this day to bring salvation to the world. Happy Easter.

Believe in the Resurrection is to populate the disappointment of new dreams and live the absence with a new presence of Christ in our lives.

This week leave everything and get to the cross. You and the cross, the cross and you.
No one gives his life for that of which he is not convinced.

He gave his life for us and we in turn by others, the transfer to the other for Love

People believe that it is the others who have to go through the cross …

Let this be a day of celebration and great serenity. Happy Easter to everyone!

The Holy Easter is not just a party, but also represents peace, serenity, harmony and love. Happy Easter to everyone!

I open the chocolate egg and think of you, the best gift he could receive life! Her eyes and her warm smile brighten my heart e. .. as I have for me, is like every day of Holy Easter! Greetings to my love…

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