Cute sms text messages – Love and romantic messages

Sms text messages – Love and romantic messages

At birth the day is the sun, as night fell the moon appears, and it speeds up my heart if you see your picture.

Not if you have a boyfriend. Not if you husband. I just want you to know that my God was the most beautiful in you.

That fire in your skin and the warmth of your eyes make me feel like the devil in his place.

If I were your boyfriend, I would become an atheist, because they would have nothing more to ask God.

I would be candy, go crazier occurrence!, to stick on your lips and melts in your mouth.

I did not know that the angels wore clothes. Men compliments.

As would be egg white for meringue me on your hips.

Beautiful! You have more dust than Kung Fu slippers! Compliments funny.

I have not mince words because you do not want! Vulgar compliments.

Those who cast a straw thinking of you die of an overdose!

Want to play the undead? … you strip the floor and you get the dead, I shot above you and I get the living.

If your right leg out Friday and left leg was Sunday, I spend an entire Saturday with you.

For a moment I thought I had died and entered heaven. But now I see I’m alive, and heaven has come to me. Romantic compliments.

Tell me your name and ask for the Kings!

Since I have known in my heart has lived rent free. Love compliments

If you were my mother, my father would sleep on the stairs! Vulgar compliments.

You must be tired today after all we did in my dream last night. Vulgar compliments.

I have to buy a dictionary. Because since I saw you, I was speechless. Compliments funny.

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