Congratulations SMS to the newlyweds

Here are some examples that you can send congratulations to the newlyweds.

Your message written on a card or on a beautiful card will be slipped into an envelope with your check to participate in the honeymoon, a bouquet of flowers cheap, an unusual gift or simply writing a book.

  • Congratulations to both. All my wishes of happiness.
  • With all good wishes, and thank you for this great day.
  • Remember to give your heart all the time with each other.
  • Happy road in marriage.
  • That happiness between you now lasts a lifetime!
  • We wish you to be happy for very long, as you are now. Congratulations on this beautiful union.
  • What a beautiful day is filled with joy.
  • We will be with all my heart with you in thought in this day wonderful.
  • Our best wishes are with you for your long life together.
  • Life is a bed of roses, approach it with great serenity.
  • We wish you happiness, health and love, the object of your relationship.
  • “The greatest happiness is that little things in happy,” we wish you a happy bunch of little things in everyday life.
  • That your life together be as sunny as the day.
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