Christmas Tree Decorations Symbols

christmas tree decorations symbols

The Christmas Tree or Arbre de Noel originates from the myths of Northern Europe. The tradition of the Christmas tree was revived in Germany during the 16th century, and replaces an ancient pagan tradition found under various forms throughout Northern European cultures.

The Christmas Wreath – Just as there is no end to the wreath, there is no end to God’s love for us. Also, it is made of evergreen branches; they’re green all the time. God never stops loving us.

Candy cane – It can represent “J” for Jesus, if held one way, and a shepherd’s staff the other way. Plus the red color can signify the blood of Christ, because the biggest purpose for the birth of Jesus was to die for our sins. And the white color signifies Jesus’ holy, righteous, sinless life.

Angel – An angel told the shepherds of the birth of Jesus. Angels come in many forms for Christmas decorations including the tree topper.

Christmas Bells – Going back to the shepherd analogy; each sheep in a shepherd’s fold wore a bell so that the shepherd could find it if it wandered off. This reminds us of the wonderful truth that Jesus wants all of the “lost” to be “found” and that He wants to save everyone and that He will never stop “looking” for us.

The Candle: A mirror of starlight, reflecting our thanks for the star of Bethlehem.

Evergreens – In cool climates, many plants are deciduous. That is, they lose their leaves in the fall, remain dead-looking all winter, and begin to sprout new growth in the spring. Evergreens are, broadly speaking, any type of plant that retains its green leaves or needles all year round. As Christian Christmas symbols, evergreens symbolize perseverance and resiliency to adversity. They remind us of Jesus’ words, “The ones who persevere to the end shall be saved.”

Christmas Stocking – There is a legend associated with the origin of Christmas stockings. St. Nick, who wanted to remain anonymous and help a poor family, threw gold coins down their chimney. They fell into a stocking that was hanging there to dry.

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