CHRISTMAS SENSES – by Del “Abe” Jones

– by Del “Abe” Jones

Christmas trees with twinkling lights
Sparkling tinsel spread around
Ornaments and decorations
On the green boughs, hanging down.

A wreath of holy on the outside
Mistletoe above the door
Sounds of those Christmas carols
Telling tales of Christmas lore.

Presents wrapped in shiny paper
Tied with pretty ribbons’ bows
The wonder in wee ones’ eyes
As their anticipation grows.

The chill crispness of the air
Falling crystals of white snow
The family gathered’ round the hearth
Warmed by the crackling glow.

Eggnog topped with nutmeg
The pies, candies and cakes
The aroma from the kitchen
Of the oven as it bakes.

A birthday celebration
For that someone up above
Thought and wishes ’round the earth
For a world of peace and love.

It’s too bad it can’t be Christmas
With all it’s hope and cheer
It’s too bad life can’t be lived
Like this day, all through the year.

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