Christian thoughts and reflections for holidays

Everyone at some point in our lives we have felt the need to approach God. This article find positive statements very spiritual Christian with messages that can be sent to your friends, family, peers, etc.. Text messages no doubt Christians take a bit of peace and tranquility to their lives.

“A true Christian is one who not only says so, but is he trying to imitate Christ”

“Life is a gift from God, take care of ours and our neighbor for a better world”

“A man must not only try to live in peace, should also be encouraged in any place and time of your life”

“The most disinterested love gave Christ to die for us on the cross, pray for him to show how much we love also”

“If a friend is in trouble, exhort him, remind him that whatever happens Christ loves you”

“When you feel your life has no meaning, remember that God has something special for you, believe in it and bless you forever”

“Think of Christ when you are in a difficult time and give you peace and strength to get up and move ahead in a positive way”

“God not only loves Christians, for him are all his children and loves us all equally”

“When you’re at the pinnacle of success and thank God remember the prosperity, and when you hit bottom also remember him and will show the way towards the light”

“I believe in God because he is my savior, my guide and my strength, thanks to him I am who I am, thanks to his love all things in my life are the best”

“Every day that begins thank God to give you the blessing of being alive and care for your loved ones of all hazards in the world”

“No matter how you look, your race or your social status, Christ loves us all equally”

“The best way to express our love for Christ is trying to help humanity to believe that thanks to his great love there may be a better world”

“Under the gaze of our Lord we are all equal, we are his beloved children, his masterpiece, his image at all times protects us with love”

“Whoever believes in God is never alone, even when in the farthest corner of the world, God is always there with the”

“Nothing in this material world can compare with the love God has for us”

We are sure that these messages, phrases Christians rejoice spirit to rejoice in God.

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