Birthday Cards, Free Birthday Greeting Cards 2014

cards for birthdays greetngs

On Birthday of my beloved wife,
I wish we grow old together,
I wish our love grows everyday
I wish we would smile on happy memories together
I wish we ll be together all life
May you live long and happy life.
Happy Birthday

Dear Mother! I want to tell you
I will never forget your love
All my life until I live
All beautiful memories you give
I wish you love and long life
Happy Birthday

Its your Birthday Dear, lets celebrate the happiness, love and memories together. Forget all worries and bad memories of past year and embrace the new exciting and successful coming year of your life.
Happy Birthday.

For every candle you blow on your birthday you will get bundles of happy memories and tons of happiness.
Wish you a beautiful and happy Birthday.

You may have more candles on your Birthday cake
Your beauty may fade, your body may become weak
But my Love for you never fade nor decrease,
It flourish and grow like a flower and never ends
Happy Birthday.

A friend is the only person who knows your secrets and flaws, but understand you and accept you as you are. Thanks for being a good friend of mine. Happy Birthday.

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