Beautiful phrases and thoughts for Facebook

Beautiful phrases and thoughts for Facebook

– “Nothing in this world can compare with our friendship”

– “Every morning I wake up I feel lucky to have my family and great friends like you”

– “Life is a constant struggle to achieve what we want, we do not stop until you get”

– “The bad moments are just as eclipses, and came again to pass the light of hope that everything will be better”

– “Let’s enjoy life to the fullest by those who most want it you only live once”

– “There is nothing better than a fire to warm up, nothing better than water to quench thirst, and nothing better than friends to feel good”

– “Let us be happy to breathe the air, you can hug a friend or go for a ride to the countryside, life is a gift”

– “In the train of my life have gone up and down all kinds of people but the only passengers that remain are my true friends”

– “When I look at the sea the great vastness amazes me when I look at the sky I feel like flying but when I see my friends think of how lucky I am to live”

– “I can have thousands of friends but there is always one like you”

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