18th Birthday Wishes and Greetings – 18th Birthday Sms Text Messages

18th year Birthday Wishes

You now have become totally mature, Now to yourself a bright future you assure!!!
Happy Earnest 18th Birthday!!!

The pictures of my childhood would have been incomplete if they didn’t have a beautiful face like yours. Happy birthday to the prettiest eighteen year old in the school.

They say that youth is wasted on the young but you have the ability to prove that wrong. On your 18th birthday, make me a promise that you will not waste what you’ve got, live to the fullest and make the very best of everything. Happy 18th Birthday!

Do you know what you get when you turn the number 8 sideways? You get ∞ which is the symbol for infinity. I hope you remain 18 forever. Happy eighteen birthday.

Do you know what turning eighteen means? It means going to college and getting a part-time job, which sucks. Happy 18th birthday.

Very alluring you may find those drinks,
But be away, as they are a very bad jinx!!!
Happy Enjoyable 18th Birthday!!!

On your eighteenth birthday I hope that you get into the college that you want and you finally meet your prince charming. Happy 18th birthday to my bff.

I’m in the pleasant position announcing you that you are officially an adult from now on. Happy Birthday! Wishing you a very warm welcome to the manhood!

Since in front of girls you may have to bow.
But style won’t only be a good way,
Because girls would want a life pa

After turning eighteen, being cool is as full time job. But I am sure you won’t have a problem because you have always been a cool dude. Happy eighteenth birthday buddy.

Turning 18 is amongst most beautiful things in life. Don’t bat an eyelid to miss a single moment of your wonderful day today! Happy 18th Birthday!

A successful eighteen year old is defined by the number of good friends he has. By this definition, you are probably the most successful eighteen year old ever. Happy 18th birthday.

Now that you are an adult you can legally vote. Vote for the right party and happiness
will find you. I’m just kidding .Happy 18th Birthday!

You’re officially 18, son! I’m so proud of the man you’ve become. All these years, you have been such a joy and blessing to all of us. Wish you all the best. I love you.

It’s your birthday! But I have received a gift from God that I’m so grateful of – you, my son. I am so happy and proud that you have been so fruitful in the past 18 years. Happy birthday!

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