10 Things you do not want your ex to tell you

Be separated is never easy. The hardest part is when you drop it to forget your Ex So if there’s one thing you do not want after a breakup or divorce, is to hear from him either by phone or by / the meeting in the street.

Especially if he / she tells you one of the following:

  • You should probably get tested for STDs
  • I have always simulated with you
  • Do you mind if I continue to see your friends?
  • Do you mind if I apply for a job in the same box as you?
  • My new guy is just like you!
  • Today it was our 5th anniversary
  • My new girlfriend and I have not stop making love!
  • What’s the number your friend single?
  • My mother thinks we should get back together
  • I heard “our” song on the radio, so I wanted to call you.

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